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Mission Statement

Ahimsa Therapeutic Services is an inclusive space which provides learning opportunities and mental health services in partnership with horses and other animals to facilitate healing, personal growth and mindful learning.

Our Values

To provide the highest quality of mental health services

To partner with animals in such a way that always treats the animal partner with the highest level of respect and autonomy

To create lasting change and healing through connection, curiosity, and mindfulness

To be an inclusive space for every person


Our Farm

Ahimsa Therapeutic Services is based out of Ahimsa  Farm which was purchased in 2020 as the fulfillment of a lifelong dream for Brian and Jessica to have a peaceful place to raise their family, an idyllic home for their animals and a home base for a premier equine assisted psychotherapy practice. 

Brian manages the day to day operations of the farm while Jessica puts her years of practicing equine assisted psychotherapy into the facilitation of Ahimsa Therapeutic Services. 

Together they have established a picturesque and welcoming space for their clients and community.

The Farm

Our Founder 

Jessica Timlin

 With her B.S. in Equine Science and 20 years of experience working with horses, Jessica has an enthusiasm for sharing her knowledge of horseback riding and horsemanship with others. Her foundations in classical dressage and natural horsemanship give her students a unique opportunity to learn basic horsemanship as well as build a solid foundation of riding skills. Jessica's main focus when working with horses and humans is to teach ways of clear and compassionate communication. 

As an EAGALA certified Equine Specialist, Jessica facilitates Equine Assisted Psychotherapy sessions to a wide variety of clients.  Jessica is passionate about leading clients in the process of self-discovery, transformation and healing.  Participants in equine therapy sessions benefit from Jessica's insight, calm demeanor and professionalism as she facilitates an experiential process in which the participant meets themselves in a new way as they encounter the horses.

About Me
The Therapists

Our Therapists

Ahimsa Therapeutic Services partners with several mental health practitioners with a wide variety of specializations. 

If you are a mental health practitioner, please reach out to learn more about partnering with Ahimsa Therapeutic Services. 

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